2016 Projects

In 2016, HAFSA supported one of Sabastiya’s nurseries by purchasing ten round tables and chairs.

Nursery table

We also provided the girls’ school with a photocopier.



Spring 2017 Bulletin

We had our AGM on February 11th and a new committee was chosen (see below). We discussed future projects, and updated our constitution. We had a talk on the effects of the occupation in the West Bank and we socialised.

We usually ask for membership renewal at the AGM, if you have not paid for 2017 and would like to remain a member please do so. You can send a cheque of £5 to HAFSA at: HAFSA treasurer, 9 Cardiff Road W7 2BW. Or pay by bank transfer, the details of which are at the end of this bulletin

If you want to be taken off our list, please let us know by email.

2017 HAFSA Committee, in alphabetical order we have: Ahmad Kayed (our man in Sabastiya, aka Abu Yasser), Andree Ryan (Secretary), Cathie Bjarnason, Colin Lomas, Jean Fitzpatrick (Vice Chair), Lynne Ringuet, Marjorie Kelly (Membership Secretary), Mary Short, Monika Eady (Chair), Pam Case, Simon Quinn (Publicity Officer) Thurayia Muhammad.

Welcome to our new committee member Mary and welcome back Andree

News from Sabastiya: Ahmad Kayed reported that the Israeli military are now entering the village daily to take down the Palestinian flag that is flying on the hill in area C of Sabastiya. Young people are putting it back and there are frequent confrontations, burning tires, stone throwing and graffiti on the ruins and Roman columns. What was a village backed nonviolent action is now out of control. Tear gas is being used regularly and is affecting families in the area which are getting fed up. This year already eight young men were injured with live and rubber bullets. And eight were arrested, now out of prison. The village has been warned that things may escalate if unrest doesn’t stop.

Two Israeli peace organisations visited Sabastiya: Yesh Din (concerned with law) and Emek Shaveh, (a group of archaeologists critical of the digging and against the occupation). They are helping the village keeping their historical sites, of which many are situated in area C.

Sabastiya is now working at improving the look of the village to become listed as an area considered to be of tourist interest.
Two festivals are planned for this spring: 7-9th of April a Sufi festival with dance, music, a film on Sufism and children magic shows. Performers are coming from Morocco, India and other places. Followed by a spring celebration on 15-16th of April. Funded by an NGO.
Our Projects: last year we bought ten of these round tables and chairs for one of the nursery we also provided the girl’s school with a photocopier.

Future projects are still being discussed, we will keep you updated and we are open to ideas. If you can volunteer a skill, Sabastiya would be very happy to hear from you! Eg teaching music, martial art training or expert advice on pruning trees etc…..just email us.

Visit Palestine: we may organise a tour to Sabastiya in early autumn, no dates fixed yet, if you are interested email us and give us your availability.

If you would like to attend our committee meetings, you need to let us know in advance and we will give you the details, here are the dates for 2017:

Coming Events for your diary: these are all fund raising events, we are not charging fixed entry price, please donate what you can.

There will be a collection to cover the cost and raise funds for HAFSA.

 Tuesday 25 April 2pm- High Tea and film at Marjorie’s house: we will show the film: “The Stones Cry Out” the story of the Palestinian Christians. Pllease let Marj. know you are coming by emailing her: moc.l1586216027iamg@1586216027605131586216027yllek1586216027jm1586216027  or texting/phoning  her on: 07960804650

Friday 19 May 7.30pm- Balfour Centenary- British Betrayal? At Ealing Town Hall. Come and hear historian Dr Peter Shambrook explain how the Balfour declaration came about and how it has not been implemented in its entirety. Guest speakers: Ealing MP Steve Pound and Brentford and Isleworth MP Ruth Cadbury. There will be a collection to cover cost and raise fund for HAFSA- there will also be a Zaytoun stall selling Palestinian products

Sunday 21 May 2.30pm- Pianola Concert and cakes at Bree’s Save yourself the trip to the musical museum and instead listen to a variety of music on an automatic piano while enjoying a chat and some tea/coffee and cake. There will be a choice of Jazz, Scott Joplin, Classical and popular Dance Music. Space is limited and booking essential. Please phone or email Bree: 02088101826 , moc.k1586216027ooltu1586216027o@sni1586216027bbor.1586216027eerb1586216027  to reserve a place and get venue details.Sunday 14 May 2pm, Thursday 20 July 10.30am, Sunday 10 September 7pm and Thursday 9 November 10.30am

We have a Facebook group, you can join at: