Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya 5th Annual General Meeting

Dear HAFSA members,

You are invited to attend the Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya 5th Annual General Meeting. This will take place on:


Saturday 30th January 2016 from 3pm until 6pm

At St Thomas Church Hall: 182 Boston Rd, Hanwell W7 2AD


we will have the usual formal AGM (draft agenda below) and a speaker or two (TBC) then socialising round a buffet and drinks



·      Welcome

·         Apologies

·         Minute of previous AGM (attached)

·         Matters arising (will be included in  the chair report)

·         Chair report (illustrated), questions and adoption of report 

·         Treasurer report, questions and adoption of report 

·         Nominating a new committee (minimum 6). The new committee will chose from its members a chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary at their first meeting. it would be good to have new faces in our committee,  If you are willing to become a committee member, please e mail me. Nominations will also be taken on the day from the floor.

·         Any Other Business and general discussion

If you would like to add anything to the agenda please send me your request by January 10th

Andrée (HAFSA Secretary)

Mini Bulletin – Winter 2015

The winter bulletin will be out soon. In the meantime here is a mini-bulletin with our latest news!

Our AGM was on the 5th January and was highly successful on both the administrative and social fronts. The committee was appointed, our progress in 2014 and future projects were discussed, and we heard from we several interesting speakers. You can read more in Monika’s report.

At our first committee meeting after the AGM, we appointed officers and co-opted two new members to the committee. Our members have been emailed the full list of new officers.

So now business has been attended to, what’s on our radar for 2015?

Our next project in Sabastiya is to help a women’s group set up a micro production of olive oil soap infused with local herbs and flowers

Our next events will be the Spring Social at Jean and Colin’s on Saturday 6th June 7pm, and a stall at the Hanwell carnival on Saturday June 20th, more details soon.

Any member is welcome to attend our committee meetings, here are the dates for 2015.
12 April Sunday at 7:00 pm
8 June Monday at 12:30pm
9 August Sunday 7pm
9 October Friday 10.30am
30 Nov Monday 12.30pm

Please contact Andree if you want to come so she can email you the venue. If you would like to join HAFSA, please do get in touch!

AGM Report

Once again we managed to make our AGM an informative and social event, rather than a typical tedious bureaucratic affair. Sadly Andree, our chair, was not well but she had prepared a slide show which Jean our vice chair presented.
The pictures reminded us of the events we had witnessed throughout the year in Sabastiya. In the spring two young football coaches from Brentford Football Club travelled to the West Bank and were treated like celebrities by the Palestinian football fans. This is a joint project with Hounslow Ramallah Twinning Association. We then spent several weeks worrying about the Israelis taking over the extensive ruins area, but eventually the contractors left. Whether this was due to our protests is not clear. The big project of the year was the hens and cockerels that HAFSA paid for. By now the roughly 400 hens have produced chicks and will keep providing eggs for many needy families.
Cathie our treasurer reported on our best year of fundraising so far with nearly £6000 raised in donations, a couple of socials including our ‘Hen Party’ and stalls at the Hanwell Carnival and Brentford Festival. HAFSA produced a range of greeting cards to raise funds. Some money was spent on Eid presents for poor families, the most of our money was spent on hens and cockerels, leaving a balance of over £2000.
Abu Yasser joined us from Sabastiya via Skype for most of the AGM.
After a refreshment break we were lucky to have several informative speakers. First up was Sir Vincent Fean, recent British Consul in Jerusalem, who emphasised the importance of visits to Palestine to let the Palestinians know that they are not forgotten. There are plenty of opportunities for schools to set up links with Palestinian schools. Vincent also encouraged us to raise Palestine in the election campaign and there was some thought provoking discussion where not everybody agreed with his idea of a two state solution with land swap to take account of the facts created by Israel’s illegal settlements.
Eleanor Tomlinson and John McGlone were part of the Zaytoun tour in the autumn. Some of their friends thought they were mad, wanting to spend their holiday in what they considered a war zone, but both encouraged others to visit and experience the hospitality provided by the Palestinians in the West Bank. They arrived a bit late for the olive harvest, but a tree had been kept for them so they could try their hand at picking olives.
Last but not least spoke Stephen Bell, a trade unionist who has campaigned on Palestine for over 40 years. He reported on how impressed he is with the resilience of the Palestinians, both in the West Bank and Gaza, where they for example have developed a new type of cement that will allow rebuilding while the blockade goes on. The discussion raised the one sided reporting in the media; occasionally pressure put on the BBC has led to changes. Likewise it was raised that some tours to Israel just show the Israeli side even when a brief visit to the ‘dangerous’ West Bank is included. We know that the Palestinians welcome visitors and are keen to tell their story.
Monika Eady

The Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya Annual General Meeting

Dear HAFSA members,
You are invited to attend the Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya Annual General Meeting. This will take place on:
 18th January 2014 from 3pm until 6pm
 At St Thomas Church: 182 Boston Rd, Hanwell W7 2AD
please bring friends and family
1)    We will start with the formal business (30min)
·         Welcome
·         Apologies
·         Minute of previous AGM (attached)
·         Matters arising (will be included in  the chair report)
·         Chair report (illustrated), questions and adoption of report (will be sent to you)
·         Treasurer report, questions and adoption of report (will be sent to you)
·         Nominating a new committee (minimum 6). The new committee will chose from its members a chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary at their first meeting.
o   If you want to be nominated for the new committee or would like to nominate anyone please e mail me. Nominations will also be taken verbally from the floor.
·         Motions to AGM, If you would like to put a motion to the AGM please send it to me by 10thJanuary
·         Any Other Business and general discussion
2)    A Short film about Sabastiya successful struggle against the neighboring settlement (12min)
3)    We are anticipating a speaker or two from our local politicians, TBC
Buffet and drinks, Arabic dancing and Ceiligh, raffle
We hope you can attend
Please bring friends and family 
Remember your subs will be due for 2014; it would be helpful if you would pay your £5 on the day

Minutes from the 2013 HAFSA AGM


Come to HAFSA AGMs.. you get cake!

Minutes of the second HAFSA AGM

19th January 2013 at St. Thomas Church Hall, Hanwell

Present: Cathy Bjarnason, Martin Eady, Jean Fitzpatrick, Brigitte flock, Marjorie Kelly, Colin Lomas, Simon Quinn, Lynne Ringuet, Andree Ryan, Monika Eady, Thelma Thomas, Denis Hawkins, Sue O’Dell, Maream Shaw, Alphonse Ryan, Brigitte Flock, Steve Craddock, Nihad Khanfar, Gillian Brown, Brigitte Flock, Ann Soo, Mohamed Masharqa,Gill Horsfield, Nichola Lovett, Ahmed Mansur, Sr Rita Syron, Hilde Poltorak, Jan McHugh, Kathy Tomlisnson and Abu Yasser on Skype.

Apologies received: Anna Ringuet, Lynn Knowles, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Anne Marie Fugger, Laura Southern, Elsa Southern, Alan Cripps, Lyn Knowles, Mary Thorold, Kathy Tomlinson, Philippa Mukherjee, Usha Dave, Tanya Solokof/Diaz, Fiona Barakat

Subscription: renewals of £5 were collected and we had 8 new people joining.

Minutes of First AGM: The minutes were accepted. Proposed by Steve Craddock and seconded by Gillian Brown.

Chair’s report: Andree outlined the activities of the past year including matters arising and on-going projects and new ideas. The meeting was positive about the proposal to fund the furnishing of the new guest house in Sebastiya. Jean Fitzpatrick elaborated on the recent meeting she and Maream Shaw had with the MP Virenda Sharma regarding the sewage dumping from the Shave Shomron illegal jewish settlement onto the agriculture land between them and Sebastiya. The report was accepted: Proposed by Martin Eady, seconded by Brigitte Flock

Treasurer’s report: Cathie presented the accounts which had been approved by George Venus. Cathie thanked the members for their generosity and efforts. The accounts were approved. Proposed by Sue O’Dell, seconded by Maream Shaw

Election of managing committee: The members of the outgoing committee that were present were all willing to be re-elected en block: Andree Ryan, Brigitte Flock, Cathie Bjarnason, Colin Lomas, Jean Fitzpatrick, Lynne Ringuet, Martin Eady, Maream Shaw, Marjorie Kelly, and Simon Quinn. Mohamed Masharqa volunteered to join the committee. Proposed by Sue O’Dell, seconded by Monica Eady.

The new committee will meet and elect from its members a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary, press officer and anything else that is needed.

Discussion : Members present suggested we become proactive in contacting the BBC about news they do not cover such as the wide spread dumping of sewage and chemicals from illegal Jewish the settlements onto agriculture land lying below the settlements. Abu Yasser spoke to the meeting via Skype thanking us for our support and interest in what is happening in Sebastiya.

After the formal part of the AGM we broke for tea, sandwiches and sharing of a specially made HAFSA birthday cake. This was followed by two short talks. One talk by Jean Ftizpatrick on her 5 week stay in Sebastiya teaching English and one by Colin Lomas on the historical significance of Sebastiya.

Minutes taken by Marjorie Kelly, Committee Secretary