Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya

HAFSA – هانوِيل أصدقاء سبسطية

Welcome أهلا وسهلا

We are a group which aims to build friendships, promote mutual understanding and encourage support for the people of Sabastiya.

The people of Hanwell, in west London, have visited and supported the ancient Palestinian village of Sabastiya for over a decade.

We are not “political” but we listen to the people of Sabastiya and will draw attention to their hardships and to the abuses of their human rights. We aim to support them as best we can, and so promote a better understanding of the Palestinian situation and an appreciation of the rich history and culture of Palestine.

About Sabastiya حول سبسطية

Sabastiya is a Palestinian village in the north of the West Bank, set in a fertile valley where figs, olives, almonds, grapes and other fruits and vegetables are grown. It is a fascinating village with a long and rich history and where, to this day, ancient columns built in Roman times still stand. It has a population of a little over 3,000 people, all living under the weight of military occupation.

Join Us ألانضمام لنا

For as little as a £10 donation you can become a friend of HAFSA.

By making a donation to Hafsa, you will be supporting our projects which help the village and give the people of Sabastiya some hope for the future.

By joining you get information about our activities and plans, you can participate in our events or visits to Sabastiya and will get an invite to our Annual General Meeting (AGM), during which you can help to elect (or become part of!) the management committee.