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Please find below the current HAFSA schedule and fund-raising events –  so do  join us if you can!

  •  What is happening in Sabastiya ??? –  Wed, April 24th at 6pm UK time  

    Join us for our next 30 minute Zoom session. You will hear from Abu Yasser speaking directly from Sabastiya, the village which HAFSA supports through all your donations. Click here to register.   These events are happening each month so please become a friend of Sabastiya and join HAFSA and you will receive our regular mailings with news and information about future events

  •  HAFSA  at local events this summer

    Please make sure you have the following dates in your calendar where HAFSA will have a fund raising stall  – and if you can help for 2 hours at these local events then please email us at [email protected] 

    • Hanwell Carnival: Sat June 15th –  Elthorne Park 
    • Brentford Festival:  Sun September 1st  – Blondin Park      
  • Visit Palestine with HAFSA – when possible  HAFSA plans to  organis a visit to Sabastiya and other parts of Palestine for members and friends when we can. Dates will be confirmed nearer the time. If you are interested please contact us and we will invite you to a planning meeting when a visit looks feasible. We usually visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem as well as other places of particular interest to our group. If you are keen to visit Palestine at a different time then Travel2Palestine is an option.

These earlier updates may also be of interest :

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  • You can also look here at our archive of news bulletins going back over more than 10 years.
  • The Crafting of the News: the British media and the Israel-Palestine Question  Click here to hear a recording of this Balfour Project event.   
  • Mapping Palestine: An online exhibition: The majority of British people today do not know about Britain’s colonial role in Palestine and its impact on the current reality. This is one of the key reasons why some people are simply unaware of this issue.  The Balfour Project launched its first ever virtual art exhibition exploring the theme of mapping in order to raise awareness of the ongoing occupation and pressure the British Government to take responsibility for their historic role. Click here to learn more.

Please contact us with your suggestions for items of news, links or events which may be of relevance and helpful for HAFSA friends – any of your ideas as to how we can continue to fund-raise are very much appreciated.