HAFSA Bulletin #3

Successful June Events

Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya had two very successful events in June.

Hanwell Carnival – Our stall at the Hanwell Carnival generated loads of interest. Palestinian Fair Traded produce and craft were sold as well as a hundred cup cakes of all colours, they even made it in the Ealing Gazette, so beautiful were they….. Unfortunately the reporter did not mention who we were! Thank you to all who baked them and to all who helped on the day. We gained a few more members too.

Our “Palestinian Spring” evening on 25th June was very well attended. We heard from Jean about her 4 months experience in Nablus and she showed us, with lots of pictures and stories, what life is like over there and how we are, after all, so similar, except that here we don’t live under a military occupation. The food as always was delicious. A big thank you to the catering team and everyone else that helped on the night. This soiree raised £500 some of which we will put to use this autumn by sending Alphonse to do some coaching for the Sabastiya football team and the school kids.

If you would like to do any voluntary work in Nablus and surrounds (Sabastiya is part of the Nablus Governorate) we have contacts. Get in touch with us.

If you missed Jean’s slide show on 25th! Then, she is happy to do a repeat. If you belong to any other groups who would like a fundraising showing, just let us know.

What is happening next?

 Visit from Sabastiya young people: A group of 7 young people (aged 17 – 21) from Sabastiya will be coming to Hanwell on the 29th July. They have been invited by the Ealing Woodcraft Folk to participate in their International summer camp in the Sherwood Forest. Hafsa has contributed £500 towards the cost of this project and we are looking forward to meeting them. They will be hosted by the Mayor in the Town Hall on 10 August. And you can meet them at the Jazz Festival on 29th July. We intend to be there for 3.45pm to listen to Keith Waithe. Bassam Mahfouz (Ealing Councillor) has arranged guest passes with the Jazz Festival organisers and will be there to greet them. They will get a personal guided tour of the site from the organiser Nick Buckley and may get a chance to meet performers back stage! We are very grateful to Bassam and Nick for this welcome.

The group will then go to the Woodcraft camp and are back in Hanwell for a few days on the 9th August. Hafsa will organise a farewell get together on the 13th August, we will send details at a later date but keep this evening free!

Brentford Festival Sunday 4th September: we have booked a stall at this festival in Boston Manor Park. More details later.

Sabastiya trip: A group of 15 people will be visiting Sabastiya this autumn. We hope to run another tour in spring.

Other regular HAFSA events: starting in the autumn, we hope to develop a programme of regular events – monthly or 6-weekly. Ideas so far are films, topical discussions, and art presentations. ALL IDEAS WELCOME. Let us have yours.

Twinning Network Conference in Liverpool 27th November: if you are interested in attending let us know. See website: www.twinningwithpalestine.net

AGM: we will be holding our first AGM in December. Details at a later date

HAFSA committee meeting: any members are welcome to attend our HAFSA committee meetings. Next meeting is on Thursday 15th September, 7.30pm at 109 Southdown Avenue, Hanwell.

If you would like to receive the minutes please let Andree know (contact details at the end)

By now, you should have received a few samples of our new leaflet; please pass them on for others to join.